Parental Control Software

The mSpy software is designed to keep track of mobile internet activities, and also has parental control features for parents to take advantage of as well. Back in the day, it was a lot easier to keep an eye on our little ones, and parents were way more informed with what their kids were up to both online and off. With today’s high tech cell phones and other mobile gadgets, things are getting a lot more interesting. Now is a time when techie (and non techie) parents search for methods to stay informed and keep kids safe by installing parental control software onto their kids’ smartphone or tablet devices. One such parental control and monitoring software is mSpy.

Below is a quick look at some of the outstanding mSpy parental control and monitoring features. (See the mspy review for more details.)

Web Blocking: Parents can create a Black/White list of websites that they don’t want their kids to have access to, as well as websites that are ok to view on the mobile device.

Online Monitoring: This feature allows parents to get an in depth look at exactly what websites their kids have been visiting on their phone internet browser.

Restricting Apps: The mSpy software also gives parents and guardians the ability to block access to apps if they desire. Users can block Facebook and other social networking apps, and can even block other browsers as well.

GPS Monitoring/Geo-Fencing: This feature gives that ability to parents to see exactly where their child is or has been using the GPS capabilities of the monitored device. The Geo-fencing feature allows them to set-up a virtual electronic boundary that notifies them each time the child ventures outside that perimeter.

Time Restrictions: Users can create certain times throughout the day that young kids and teens cannot access certain functions of the monitored phone, or can lock the phone completely so they cannot use it at all.

The mSpy software comes with many more features than listed above, these come just in handy for parents of teens and young kids in today’s high tech cyber world. Download mSpy today, get informed, and restrict teens and young children from visiting those inappropriate sites they love to frequent.

Over the last few years, the number of ways to access the internet has increased significantly, especially the number of people who access the World Wide Web on a daily basis. The cyber world of the internet, which used to primarily consist of desktop and laptop computer users only, is now heavily populated with mobile gadget users like MP3 players, tablets, smartphones, and now even gaming systems. Also, today some smart TVs are even internet accessible as well as cars with WIFI connections.

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is brimming with an abundance of both good and bad content for viewing. Online content can easily have a negative effect as well as a positive one for all including adults, young kids and teens. This is when concerns are brought to light for many parents, especially when young kids and teens and their internet activities are the subject.