My Photo Slide Show Gold Edition

The Gold Edition of My Photo Slide Show is designed to be the ultimate way to share your digital photos with friends and family.

The Gold Edition adds the following to the great features included in the Personal Edition:

Organize your photos using categories
You can create as many categories as you want in a slide show and even put categories inside other categories. Make it simple to find the photos you are looking for by organizing them using categories.

23 new transition effects
Your slide show will be even more exciting with these added screen transitions.

Customization of the slide show viewer
You can enable or disable the features you want in the slide show viewer so that people using your slide show only have access to what you want. Items you can enable and disable include:

  • Showing or hiding the toolbar
  • Allow or prevent viewing of individual photos
  • Allow or prevent copying of photos to the clipboard
  • Allow or prevent saving of photos to user’s disk
  • Allow or prevent user from setting a photo as their desktop wallpaper
  • Allow or prevent user from seeing the photo’s original filename and resolution

Specify an intro category
The photos in the category selected as the introduction will play in a slide show when the viewer is first opened. You can display a welcome message or introduction to set the theme for your photo collection.

Specify an about category
The photos in the category selected as the about category will play as a slide inside the slide show viewer’s about box. You can put your own information about who took the photos, copyright information or whatever you want in the about box.

Down sampling of photos
Automatically resize your photos for you to save space when publishing the slide show. You select the maximum size photos should be and during publishing any photo larger than this will automatically be scaled down to the maximum size. This ensures that your resulting slide show isn’t any larger than it needs to be.

Photo rotation
Rotate your photos right inside My Photo Slide Show so that they display correctly without having to open an external image editing application.

Slide show preview
Preview what your slide show will look like right from the slide show authoring program.

Set photo background colors
Set custom colors for each individual photo or change an entire category’s background color.

Import one slide show into another
Makes the merging of two or more slide shows a snap.